After conducting a small study, it was found that 59 percent of patients who had experienced peripheral neuropathy stated that they get relief from their pain after taking the pill of Cymbalta. Taking this drug on a regular basis can decrease chronic chemotherapy-induced neuropathy and pain intensity in most of the patients and can help in improving their quality of life.

According to the medical experts, it is believed that the drug of Cymbalta can help in easing the neuropathy pain by changing the level of the brain’s neurotransmitters which is linked the nerve function. 

In a new research, it was found that 231 cancer patients who had developed peripheral neuropathy after taking platinum-based drug oxaliplatin or the taxane paclitaxel. They all were given half dosage of Cymbalta which started at 30 mg per day for the first week and then 60 mg full dose for the next four weeks or a placebo pill for a duration of five weeks.

After conducting this study, it was found that patients who have been taking Cymbalta have reported lesser neuropathic symptoms that those who have been taking placebo. The patients who have been taking Cymbalta also gained the benefit of getting relief from pain that interfered in their daily life. Hence, after taking the pill, the patients are able to walk, do work normally, sleep peacefully and enjoy their life in a better way.

However, it was seen that not everyone who has been taking Cymbalta gained the same benefit from the medicine. Some of them also experience an increase in the numbness and the tingling pain after taking the pill. There could be some side effects of Cymbalta primarily among them is fatigue. About eleven percent of patients reported about moderate fatigue than those who have been taking other pills.

The pill of Cymbalta can also be taken in getting relief from another form of pain known as fibromyalgia. It is a persistent and widespread pain throughout the body which causes sensations like throbbing, diffuse, intense or stabbing. Fatigue, joint and muscle pain, sleep disorders and cognitive issues are some of the prime symptoms of fibromyalgia. Therefore, it is useful for giving pain from multiple disorders which also includes neuropathic pain induced by chemotherapy. However, the suitability of the pill differs from patient to patient, and hence doctor’s opinion must be taken before you intend to take Cymbalta for easing chemotherapy-induced pain.