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User: adolfowiley 

Hi, I am Adolfo Wiley from the US. I am working as an engineer in an IT company. I like sports fishing and always looking for the place where I spent time and catch fishes. If you are planning for vacation Florida is the best…


User: yadavpurnima 

Hi, I am yadav purnima. I live in New Delhi. Since 2005 I am working as a fashion designer. You can buy plus size dresses online cheap from the Last Inch website. It has an affordable range of plus size clothes available.You can get a…


User: MaryReed 

Hello, friends, I am Mary Reed, living in the UK, working in an IT firm. We all need the boiler during the winters seasons, choosing boiler service now becomes easy in the UK with BoilerDoctor247. As boilers are being utilised among a scope of regions,…


Blog Post: Update 

I’m an applied researcher at RStudio, where I contribute to the r-tensorflow family of packages (e.g., tfprobability). I write about doing deep learning from R on the TensorFlow for R blog. If you’re interested in DL/ML/probability and R, perhaps you’d like to check out some…


Blog Post: Microsoft TechSummit Switzerland 2019: Intelligence-as-a-Service – Let’s build the Applications of the Future with Cognitive Services 

Conference: Microsoft TechSummit Switzerland 2019Location: Bern – Switzerlandwith Manuel Meyer Cognitive Services give us developers and IT Pros the power to do incredible things with a few lines of code. Microsoft published the fruits of over 30 years of research in Artificial Intelligence as a collection…